How much is ExtraCredit

How does billing work?-  Extra Credit services will begin immediately after sign up with an approved payment of $24.99 (+applicable tax). Billing will reoccur monthly starting on the date when the account was created.

What if I don’t Pay?- If payment fails to be collected on your billing date your subscription will be downgraded to’s free Basic account. The basic service includes your free VantageScore 3.0 from Experian and Credit Report Card, which is a summary of your Experian credit file that is updated every 14 days.

How will Extra Credit’s charge look on my bank statement? Our billing descriptor will show as "CRT*Credit.comExtraCrt" on your bank statement.

How do I remove all of my information from Extra Credit? -

If you want your information completely removed please reach out to to have your billing information removed. After billing method has been removed your status will be downgraded to a Basic account.




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