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Data Breach Alert Questions

An important thing to do in these situations is to be aware. With ExtraCredit, you can compare credit reports every 30 days, when they update, to see if your personal information has been used in any unauthorized way. If you see discrepancies or information has been reported to the bureau(s) that was in fact not you, contact us to begin a pre-screening for Identity Theft.

What can I do if my SSN is breached? Should I be worried?

Here at ExtraCredit, we want to make sure that you are aware of what to do if your SSN or other personal data is breached. While using our services, our dark web monitoring will alert you if your information is compromised, and you’re covered by our $1 million ID theft insurance in case anything happens. If you receive an alert that your information has been compromised, you may consider adding a fraud alert to your credit report. You can learn more about doing so on our blog.

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