How does my credit repair discount work?

As a member of ExtraCredit, you are eligible for a $24.99 discount for credit repair services through our feature, Restore It.

The information we provide on your Credit Report Card is provided by Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. We don’t have the access or authority to remove or edit any information in your credit file. Please contact the lender or credit bureau(s) to get inaccuracies corrected. If this information includes negative account information, such as late payments or collection accounts, these can stay on your credit file for seven years or more.


If you need help with inaccurate items on your credit report, Restore It provides you an exclusive discount of $24.99 with or other reputable credit repair service, where available.


Are you worried that the information on your credit reports is inaccurate? If you suspect identity theft or fraudulent activity, consider placing a freeze on your credit file with all three bureaus so that your credit cannot be pulled without your permission first.


Your scores are updated every 30 days. For non-urgent inconsistencies, such as a recent payoff or closed account, you can choose to watch for those changes on your next ExtraCredit update. We do not receive information from the bureaus in real-time, so changes will not show on your ExtraCredit profile right away. You can find the date for your next ExtraCredit Track It update under your credit score by clicking Track It at the top of the page after you've logged in.


Discount details:

  • The exclusive discount for you is only applied when you create your credit repair account within the ExtraCredit Restore It portal.
  • If you have had an account with Lexington Law or for credit repair services prior to creating your ExtraCredit account, the discount will not be applied.
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