How to report rent or utilities payments as credit tradelines.


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43 million people in America pay rent. Most don’t report their payments. If you pay rent, it’s time to get the credit you deserve. With Build It, you can report things like rent, utilities and even your phone bill as credit tradelines.  


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We start by securely connecting to your bank account to identify your rent & utility payments

Next, we facilitate a connection with the credit bureaus so that your payments are reported

Your payments should then show up on your credit reports and lead to a stronger credit profile


If you're needing help setting up Build It, please review our Build It setup article or chat with our team.



How long before my rent payments are shown on my credit report?

Here’s how rent and utility tracking works through ExtraCredit: You’ll go through the steps to link your financial institution. The system will then verify the information you added to locate your rent and utility payments. This process can take up to 7 business days. Once payments are verified, the system will send your utility payments for reporting to TransUnion and rental payments to Equifax, TransUnion and Experian.

Keep in mind that this service will not report past rental payments. Only current and future payments are reported, as long as you’re signed up and using this feature. All future payments made to these trade lines are typically updated within 24 hours. Depending on the credit bureau, it may take about two months before you’ll see the rental tradeline reported on your credit reports.


Can I report just utilities?

Yes! You no longer have to report your rent and utilities together to build your credit profile! This means, even if you don’t pay rent, you can report your utilities and vice versa. Adding additional tradelines through Build It is a great way to build your credit history.


How to cancel rent payment information?

If you have rental and utility payments that are currently being reported to the bureaus through Build It, you can submit your request to, including the specific changes you want to be made.

Remember, if these payments have already been reported to the bureaus and you’ve seen the positive tradeline on your reports, the tradeline will be removed and could potentially impact your score. 

How to update rent payment information?

If you’re moving to a new address and would like your rental and utility payments to be reported for your new residence, it’s fairly easy to make that switch. Please submit your request of new address to, including the date that you moved out of your previous address.

Please note that when updating your rental payments, you will be closing the previously reporting tradeline(s) and opening a new tradeline on your credit reports.


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