Have you received a call from a company claiming to be Credit.com?

If you provide your phone number to our site, one of our sales representatives may call you and ultimately recommend certain financial products from specific, trusted business affiliates including, but not limited to: credit repair, credit cards, credit reports and loans. If you would like your phone number removed from our calling lists, please submit a request with your phone number in the form here.


However, Credit.com is in no way a direct lender, nor a direct credit card issuer. If you have been contacted by an individual claiming to be Credit.com offering a loan directly from Credit.com, this is a scam.


This type of scam, sometimes called the “Advance Fee Loan Scam,” has been around for decades, and scammers impersonate reputable companies to try to get consumers to send them money via Western Union, MoneyGram, prepaid cards or Amazon gift cards. Report any suspicious interactions by email to support@credit.com or fill out our support request form here.


If the request form is not working or you'd prefer to directly email us, you can do so by emailing support@credit.com


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