Please READ THIS ARTICLE if your password reset link is not working




We are sorry about any inconvenience that you may have experienced, and if you are experiencing issues with resetting your password, please read below to see if this helps.

If you are receiving a message which specifically states that your account is locked, please contact support by submitting an assistance request.


1) You may be seeing "Incorrect password" below the password reset fields.  This means you may have clicked multiple times on the "UPDATE PASSWORD" button after entering in your new password. Here, you have two options:

-either you may try logging in to your account from the homepage using the FIRST new password you entered into the password reset fields

-OR you may reset your password again, by sending yourself a new link to your e-mail address via "Forgot Password?" on the Log In page, this time only clicking on the "UPDATE PASSWORD" button once after entering your password into the correct fields (If you are a Credit Detect™ user trying to access your free account, you may need to click on "Looking for your free Account? Log in Here" underneath the log-in fields on the Credit Detect™ login page).


2) You might be seeing an error that says "Please match the requested format." In this case, we recommend adding a capital letter to your new password, along with the requirements mentioned above the password reset fields, to ensure a successful password change. Also, once you've met these requirements, please make sure you click only once on the "UPDATE PASSWORD" button.  You also may need to clear your cookies in your current web browser, or try using a different web browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.


Thanks again for your patience, and please let us know if you have any other questions, as we would be glad to assist you however we can!

~The Support Team

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