How do I cancel my free account?

To cancel your free account: 

Keep in mind that you will no longer have access to your account history. 

Please submit a request here. Once your request is submitted we will assist you in deleting your account.  


If you're having trouble accessing our request form, you can also email us at for help. 

Keep in mind:

  • Please send the email to our support using the email address used to create your account. 
  • Closing your account will automatically unsubscribe you from all emails.  
    • If you'd like for your account to remain active, but unsubscribe from our emailing lists, you can click here.
  • does not charge you for your free report card. If you are seeing a charge on your bank statement or credit card, please check the name of the company that charged you as you will need to contact them directly to resolve the issue. 
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