Credit Report Card FAQ

Q: What is the Credit Report Card?

The Credit Report Card is a completely free credit management and education tool that provides you with your credit score and a snapshot of your credit report -- both from Experian, one of the three main credit bureaus. It breaks down your credit report into five simple-to-understand categories and gives you a letter grade for each one. The credit score in the Credit Report Card is based on a 300-850 score range.

Q: Is the Credit Report Card really free?

Yes. It is completely and truly free. And you get free credit score and report card updates every 30 days, forever.

Q: Does signing up for the Credit Report Card impact my credit score?

No. The Credit Report Card does not impact your credit score. The Credit Report Card is not a hard inquiry on your credit report, such as applying for a credit card or loan (actions that can affect your score).

Q: How is the Credit Report different from other credit report offers?

The Credit Report Card presents your credit score and credit history in an easy-to-understand format -- and provides expert insight and actionable advice about your performance in each of the five areas that make up your credit score. 

Q: How does the Credit Report Card work?

We model your credit score and credit report data to create “grades” and then present you with a snapshot of your credit report in a way that is easy to understand.

Q: How does determine my letter grade for each score category?

The letter grading system is created by's own algorithm that maps your credit to a bar that ranges from "Very Bad" to "Excellent" - the same measurements used by the leading credit score models in the market today.

Q: How does the Credit Report Card benefit me as a consumer?

The Credit Report Card is a free, simple credit management tool for all consumers. It summarizes all of your data from a traditional credit report and produces a snapshot that shows your credit in an understandable format.

Q: What is's mission?

Our mission is to help consumers make better financial decisions by giving them access to financial literacy tools and information; after all, credit is the foundation of our financial lives. For years, lenders, landlords, and insurance companies have used credit to make important decisions about us, but the process has been a mystery for consumers. We want to change that.

Q: Can I get my Credit Report Card and credit score multiple times?

Yes, we provide you with free updates every 30 days -- and you absolutely should do so.

Q: Why would I want to update my Credit Report Card every 30 days?

You want to monitor your credit at least every 30 days so you can see how actions you take affect your credit report and credit score. Our goal is to help you better manage your credit. Also, you always want to keep your eye out for mistakes on your report or signs of identity theft.

Q: Why did build the Credit Report Card?

1. Credit is one of the cornerstones of our financial lives, but more than half of American consumers have virtually no idea what their credit score is, what drives it, and how it affects their lives.
2. We built the Credit Report Card to give consumers a simple and transparent view into their credit with the hope that more of them will start managing their credit like a portfolio, similar to how many of us manage our savings and investments.
3. Ultimately, we hope the Credit Report Card will affect a complete shift in the way we use and understand credit.

Q: Is my data secure?

Yes, your data is completely secure. We use bank-grade security and industry-standard encryption technology to safeguard your data. We don't sell, market, or distribute your personal information without your consent.

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